Stan Lee's Hero Command

Stan Lee's Hero Command
Action RPG
Technical Designer

A super hero beat 'em up created for iOS and Android. We worked with Stan Lee to create an entirely new cast of super heroes and super villains. At launch, the game allowed you to play as 3 separate heroes, each with their own unique campaign.

The game was developed across 6 months by a team of 10 developers.

My Role
  • Wrote the initial Game Design Document
  • Designed and balanced the combat system
  • Designed enemies archetypes and their attack styles
  • Designed various boss encounters for each hero's campaign
  • Designed over 100 individual missions
  • Implemented the games user interface with NGUI
  • Wrote basic gameplay code in C#
  • Integrated a variety of 3rd party plugins for Android
  • Created and managed a localized build for distribution in China