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Broadly skilled game designer with a deep amount of technical experience. I have brought designs to life within multiple game platforms, theme parks, and physical toys.


Lead Game Designer at F84 Games, Los Angeles, CA

February 2018 to Present

As Lead Designer, I spearhead and oversee all design initiatives within the studio. This involves creating and maintaining all design documentation and handling all major design related tasks. I regularly interface with clients and external producers to handle feedback throughout production. I lead internal game reviews and provide iterative feedback to each department. I work with our programming team to outline technical parameters for each project and help to identify new technologies that we can leverage. From a business front, I work with the CEO to provide accurate quotes to clients during the proposal phase of production.

Projects as Lead Game Designer include:

  • Baja Big Air (2019-2020)
  • DC Super Hero Girls Hub App Reboot (2019)
  • Game Content for Walt Disney World (2019)
  • R&D Projects for Walt Disney World (2019)
  • HTML5 Games for Warner Bros. (2018-2020)

Self Employed Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

May 2017 to Present

As a consultant, I work with smaller independent creators in a variety of different capacities. I mainly work as a designer, helping creators establish core pillars and mechanics that fit within their creative goals.

Projects as a consultant include:

  • Designer on Thin Air for Portmanteau Games
  • Programmer on Classroom Aquatic for Sunken Places
  • Designer on Unannounced Project for Doubtful Sound Games

Adjunct Professor at Bradley University, Los Angeles, CA

January 2017 to May 2020

As an adjunct professor, I taught a 16 week workshop class for upper level students majoring in Game Design. Throughout lectures, class periods, and office hours, I worked with students to help them create a game from start to finish. This included providing constant design feedback and direction, giving technical insights and code examples, and acting as an external producer to make sure the scope of their game is reasonable and their milestones are being met.

Technical Designer at F84 Games, Los Angeles, CA

June 2012 to February 2018

As Technical Designer, I designed and developed games for a variety of clients while also managing and maintaining internal tool sets. I worked closely with art and programming to establish the technical parameters of each project and to ensure those parameters were met throughout development. I interfaced with clients to provide technical insights into the publishing and deployment of Flash and HTML5 games. I also oversaw all Android publishing for our internal studio initiatives.

Projects as Technical Designer included:

  • Untitled Red Sonja Console Game - Cancelled (2018)
  • Tootsie Pop (2017)
  • Touch Tech Lightning McQueen (2017)
  • DC Super Hero Girls Hub App (2016)
  • Stan Lee's Hero Command (2015)
  • Nancy Drew: Codes and Clues (2015)
  • Star Wars: Rebel Strike (2015)
  • Survival Run with Bear Grylls (2012)
  • Flash & HTML5 Games for Disney, Mattel, and Warner Bros. (2012-2018)

Design Intern at F84 Games, Los Angeles, CA

January 2012 - May 2012

As a design intern, I worked underneath the lead designer to help with a variety of design tasks. This included level design, system design, and game concepting. I worked with the programming team to assist with gameplay implementation, UI implementation, and collision layout.

Projects as a design intern included:

  • Flash Games for Disney and Addicting Games
  • Word World Friends
  • Pajanimals Play Time

Development Intern at The IONA Group, Metamora, IL

May 2011 - December 2011

As a development intern, I worked with artists and designers to create interactive exhibits and applications for a variety of clients. This involved work within Adobe Flash, PhoneGap, Cocos2D, and native iOS frameworks.

Projects as a development intern included:

  • Safety training modules for Walt Disney World
  • Interactive videos for State Farm
  • Interactive exhibits for Growmark
  • Internal apps for Pioneer


Engines: Unity3D, Custom and Proprietary Engines, PhaserJS

Software: Excel, Maya, Blender, Animate, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Twine, Visual Studio 

Languages: Objective-C, C++, C#, Python, Javascript, Java, Haxe, Actionscript, Swift, HTML/CSS, PHP

Misc: SVN, GIT, CI/CD Pipelines, Jira, Wordpress, Drupal


Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois - August 2008 to May 2012

  • Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media - Game Design
  • Minor in Computer Science