Baja Big Air

Lead Designer

Baja Big Air is a physics based side scroll racer and the official game of SCORE International's Baja Desert Race Series.

Get behind the wheel of a Trophy Truck as you take on one of the toughest races in off-road motorsports, the Baja 1000. Race across the harsh desert of Baja California, Mexico as you fend off legendary racers including Tavo Vildosola, Casey Currie, Alan Ampudia and more.

My Role

As lead designer on this game my responsibilities included:

  • Wrote and maintained a game design document outlining the core features and mechanics
  • Led team-wide build reviews for internal milestones
  • Created a lightweight narrative structure to give purpose to the games level structure
    • Centered the single player campaign around the Baja 1000 race
    • Wrote all dialogue for each character encountered throughout the game
  • Worked with a design contractor to create 106 unique game levels.
    • Level duration ranges from 20 to 80 seconds 
  • Recorded ghost data to be used as race opponents across each game level
  • Designed monetization structure 

Other miscellaneous tasks done include:

  • Wrote various editor tools for use within the project
  • Assisted with various gameplay & UI programming tasks
  • Assisted with various bug fixing & feature implementation
  • Created and implemented localization system for RTL languages