Survival Run with Bear Grylls

Infinite Runner
Technical Designer

Survival Run with Bear Grylls is a infinite runner, similar to games such as Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and Agent Dash. You play as legendary survivor Bear Grylls and must run, jump, slide, and more in order to escape the clutches of a ferocious Grizzly Bear. Survival Run was originally released for iOS but has since made it's way onto Google Play, Amazon, Facebook, and the Nook App Store.

Survival Run

My Role

As Technical Designer, I dabbled in both design and code for this project.

During the games lifespan I,

  • Created, designed and implemented Survival Gear, equipment that gave the player additional abilities such as double jump.
  • Designed and implemented Supply Drops, a loot box type system that rewarded the player with Survival Gear and other useful items.
  • Handled dynamic UI scaling across multiple resolutions
  • Implemented the 'Rib Run', a once-a-day minigame for collecting in-game currency.
  • Implemented a Daily Rewards system
  • Implemented Skillz, an asynchronous multiplayer platform where players could challenge others for real cash.
  • Implemented the ability to control the game via Moga Controllers
  • Implemented a variety of 3rd plugins including a cross promotion system, a rewarded video ad system, platform specific IAP, and more.
  • Implemented analytics to track retention and game specific events
  • Ported the game and its 3rd party plugins to Google Play, Amazon, Nook, and Windows Phones.